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Your values are our values

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Sadaqah Charity


Care for your community whilst communicating. We donate a percentage of your call spend to the charity of your choice.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Shariah Compliant

Our Responsibilty
(100% Shariah Compliant)

Ummah Mobile follows the principles of Islam and is fully Shariah compliant. Our team consists of global authorities on Shariah and compliance.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Zakat


Alleviate inequality and improve our communities globally - we make an annual Zakat donation to the charity our members nominate.

The only mobile network for the Muslim community

All the products and services you already use and love - in one app.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Calls


High quality and competitive rates locally and internationally. Additionally, calls between Ummah Mobile members anywhere in the world are completely FREE.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Products and Services

Exclusive Products and Services

Our exclusive partnerships bring you a range of family friendly products and services, there's something for everyone.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Send, receive and spend money easily and securely with our fully featured Shariah compliant global Money Remittance service and Mobile Money services.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Multimedia


Capture and share the moments you value with your family, friends and community. Connect instantly with pictures, audio messages, files and video calls.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Spirituality


"Giving in charity never decreases wealth"
Stay connected with your community with features such as your local prayer times, Qibla compass, alerts, notifications and charitable requests.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Scan and Pay


Shopping for your family and friends or treating yourself? We aim to provide a vast range of Halal products and services to meet all of your needs.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Messages


Chat with Instant Messages, low cost global SMS, pictures, video, files and audio simply and securely. Messages between Ummah Mobile members anywhere in the world are completley FREE.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Apps and Features

Apps and Features

A dedicated approved App store with free and premium Apps including; games, Nasheeds, lifestyle and all your essentials. Make the most of Ummah Mobile on your mobile, tablet or PC.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Money Transfer

Money Transfer

The very best and competitve exchange rates allow you to send and receive money and credit locally and globally; simply, quickly and securely. And of course, 100% Shariah Compliant.

Available Q2 2017

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Calls


Stay in touch with family, friends and your community with the best quality and most competitive local and international call rates. Additionally, calls, messaging and video-calls between Ummah Mobile members is completely FREE.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Products and Services


Ummah Life brings together the products and services you already use and love - all in one App. Our basket of Halal products will include fashion, food, travel, Apps, games, Nasheeds as well as new and exclusive concepts to Ummah Mobile. All our products and services are family-friendly and Halal approved.

Ummah Muslim Mobile Network Mobile Wallet


Ummah Money offers a wealth of convenient, fast and safe financial services. Ummah Money services are 100% Shariah compliant. Competitive exchange rates mean you can send and receive money globally directly from your phone and online.

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